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Is exploding office chair a myth? Some Interesting facts


Just imagine the office chair on which you’re sitting explodes. Isn’t it terrifying even to imagine? Well, for some, it’s not terrible. They consider exploding office chair a myth. 

Is exploding office chair a myth? Well, it’s not. An office chair can burst due to pressurized air inside the pneumatic cylinder. However, strict manufacturing regulations make it a low-risk event. Even only five cases have been reported till now in China. And there is no such state available across the globe.

So, you don’t need to enter your office with a fair of chair explosion. However, you should know what can be the reasons behind the office chair explosion? And how you can ensure your safety. 

What proves that exploding office chair is not a myth?

Different incidents in China due to the office chair explosion clearly indicate that it’s not a myth. 

Let’s know about these incidents one by one:

  • In April 2007, Ms. Lou in the Zhejiang province faced the incident of an office chair explosion. Plastic pieces, metal washers, and timber splinters entered her body. 
  • In November 2007, an old man aged 68 years old was injured in such an incident. 
  • In March 2008, Mr. Lin’s computer chair exploded. Luckily, he was standing behind it and get arms and back injury. Moreover, an ejection of a 150 mm long rod was also noticed during an explosion. 
  • In January 2009, a 14-year-old boy died due to exploding gaming chair. 
  • In May 2013, a 24 years old Chinese woman was injured due pneumatic cylinder explosion of an office chair. 

What can be the reasons behind the exploding office chair? 

The pneumatic gas cylinder is the main reason behind the explosion of an office chair. This cylinder is present at the chair base and allows the height adjustment. Thus, you can take your seat up or down with the pneumatic cylinder. 

Nitrogen gas is an ideal gas to fill these pneumatic cylinders. The reason is its ability to maintain constant pressure and avoid oxidation. And also here you find about How to Fix an Office Chair that Won’t Stay Up.

Here’re some reasons that cause office chairs to explode: 

Air pressurized cylinders:

Some manufacturers choose cost-effectiveness over safety. And they use air-pressurized cylinders to make the office chairs. The compression of air in cylinders produces enough energy to cause an explosion. 

Another drawback of using the air instead of nitrogen is rusting. The constant friction due to air is the primary reason for rusting and hence damage to the cylinder. As a result, the gas leakage may occur from the cylinder’s interior part, leading to an explosion. 

So, exploding office chair is not a myth. However, checking the quality of the chair and the creditability of the manufacturer can prevent this incident. 

Wrong use of chair:

Even after having a chair with quality gas cylinders, the extensive abuse of the office chair can explode the chair. For instance, the following activities can increase the risk of chair explosion:

  • Putting heavyweight on the chair
  • Hitting the gas cylinder 
  • Jumping on the office chair

Preventive measure to avoid chair explosions:

After you know the reasons for the office chair explosion, it’s easy for you to take preventive measures. Most importantly, you should always buy a chair which is not comfortable and safe. In this regard, the credibility of the manufacturer matters a lot.

Let’s consider some other measures that could keep you away from the exploding office chair.

Buy from a reliable manufacturer:

As we know, cost-cutting tactics, especially air pressurized cylinders, are the main reason for the office chair explosion. So, it’s essential to buy from a reliable manufacturer. 

Now the question is, who are reliable manufacturers? Well, any manufacturer who complies with all the safety rules and regulations are reliable manufacturers. You can easily find such trusted buyers by doing proper research. 

You can read experts’ reviews and recommendations to choose the best office chair from reliable manufacturers. 

Avoid misusing the chair:

Have you bought the office chair from a quality buyer? If yes, now the primary reason for the office chair explosion could be chair abuse. To avoid this reason, follow these tips:

  • Use the office chair only for sitting
  • Avoid revolving the office chair
  • Never perform any stunt with your office chair
  • Never jump on the office chair
  • Avoid adjusting the height of the chair too often
  • Follow the instructions by the manufacturers to ensure the safety 

Replace faulty gas cylinder:

Are you experiencing difficulty in adjusting the height of the office chair? A faulty gas cylinder could be the cause. It would be better to replace such a cylinder as soon as possible. Otherwise, you may have to experience an explosion in your office chair.

Avoid buying the chair with pneumatic cylinders:

Are you the one who has followed all the safety measures mentioned above? But you’re still concerned about the safety of the office chair. Well, I would suggest you buy a chair without a pressurized gas cylinder.

 Since such chairs don’t contain any gas cylinders, there are no chances of explosion. Most importantly, you can now work with peace of mind.

Why you should not worried about the office chair explosion?

Well, incidents of office chair explosion could not be ignored. That’s why; it becomes essential to put up strict regulations to regulate the office chair. 

Governments of different countries took this responsibility and made strict safety rules.

According to the rule, an office chair should go through rigorous tests before introducing it into the market.

These tests ensure the zero risk office chair explosion. So, if there are chances for any chair to explode, it will definitely explode in the lab. 

So, if you’re buying a chair complying with all these rules and regulations, you shouldn’t worry. Just sit on the chair and complete all your tasks with comfort and confidence. 


  1. Can an office chair explode?

Yes, office chairs can explode due to inferior quality gas cylinders. However, there are significantly fewer chances for an office chair to explode. The strict rules and regulations ensure the office chair’s safety before their launch into the market. 

  1. How long an office chair lasts?

Generally, a premium quality office chair could last for at least 7-10 years. Even most manufacturers of office chairs offer five-year warranty. 

  1. What are the consequences of a low office chair?

Well, sitting on a low chair can cause many health problems. For instance, it can

  • Interrupts the circulation of blood towards the lower legs. As a result, your legs may swell. 
  • Put pressure on the internal body organs.
  • Induce back pain and cause discomfort.
  1. How can you disinfect your office chair?
  • Take soap or other water-based cleaning agents and mix it in water.
  • Dip a soft cloth into the water
  • Wipe the chair with this soft cloth
  • Allow the chair to air dry
  • Use a specialized cleaning solution for genuine leather
  1. How much weight can an office chair hold?

Well, the weight that an office chair could hold depends on the size of the chair. For instance, a standard office chair could hold 250lb of weight. On the other hand, big chairs could hold about 300-800lb of weight. 

You can also see the instructions in your office chair manual to know the answer. However, never put extra weight on your chair to avoid bad consequences. 

Final thoughts..!!

To sum up, exploding office chair is not a myth. No doubt, there are very few chances of chair explosion, but it could happen. On the other hand, we would suggest you not worry about such an explosion. The strict safety regulations are the proof of it. Moreover, you’re safe if you have done some research to buy quality chairs from reliable manufacturers.  

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