How to raise an office chair without a lever

How to raise an office chair without a lever


The lever of your chair may not work properly or the lever may be broken and may even not have a lever in your raise an office chair to adjust the height of your chair.

In this article, we are going about how to raise an office chair without a lever. Besides, we will cover your inside questions. So stay reading.

Not being able to raise the chair is pretty frustrating. Sitting down in the chair for the whole day and working with attention requires a comfortable sitting object. 

Prolonged sitting in an uncomfortable position in a chair is detrimental to our health. So it is wise to know how to solve this problem. Before getting started, you should have some basic knowledge about different types of chairs.

What types of chairs do you have?

You can find various types of chairs available out there. Chairs are mainly designed in different shapes so that they can give us comfort, and we can feel at ease.

In modern chairs, almost all of the chairs used a pneumatic cylinder which is controlled by a lever to adjust the height.

But in the older version of the chair, there was not any cylinder and lever to control the height of the seat. They need to increase or decrease height manually. Considering the height adjustment.

 Here are three types of chairs:

1. Chair without a lever

2. Chair with a lever: Pneumatic chair

3. Non-adjustable chair

Now, check the type of your chair. We will discuss in details how to raise your chair without levers for all these types of chairs.

How to raise a chair that does not have a lever:

You might be wondering how to adjust office chair height without lever.

Here we will go through the process step by step to make it understandable and easy to do.

Threaded post chairs

You might have a threaded post chair which is the older version of an office chair.

In this chair, there is not any lever to raise or lower the height of the chair. So you have to raise your chair manually.

Follow the process we are showing you:

1. The main problem of thread post chairs is that they become locked due to long-term use. So use lubricant on the thread on the post.

2. Make sure you have cleaned out the dirt and debris stocks from it. Don’t forget to clean excessive lubricant. 

3. Rotate the base of the chair counterclockwise. Every complete rotation will change one-fourth of an inch.

4. To raise one inch, rotate the base at least four times in an anticlockwise direction. 

5. Repeat it until you get the comfortable height of the chair.

Bolt adjustment chair:

Some old executive chairs have a bolt adjustment system to raise and lower the chair. If you have this types of chair, then follow the following steps:

  1. Stand up from the chair 
  2. There is a bolt-on on the bottom to adjust the height.

Chair with a lever: Pneumatic chair

Most of our office chairs are pneumatic.In a pneumatic chair, there is a lever to raise and lower the chair.

We should know how the lever works in a pneumatic chair to solve our problem. Let’s take a glance at the mechanism of a pneumatic chair.

Mechanism of a pneumatic chair

A gas cylinder or a pneumatic cylinder is located below the chair. This cylinder pressurizes air to increase or decrease the chair height. Inside the cylinder, there is a piston.

When the lever is pressed the gas is pushed in or out, facilitating the movement of the piston. As a result, the chairs go up or down.

Then, why could you not raise your office chair?

Using a chair for a long time, how to Fix an Office Chair that Won’t Stay Up may not work properly. It usually occurs when the lever is broken or the gas cylinder is damaged. If you can’t adjust your chair by a lever,

Tips to increase your chair height without a lever:

Plastic Spacer / PVC Pipe method:

If you have less budget to fix your chair, you can use this method. It will cost less.

To apply this technique you need the following tools:

  1. A PVC pipe(slightly wider than piston)
  2. A measurement scale
  3. Saw to cut the pipe
  4. A screwdriver or an Allen wrench 

After collecting these tools you can go forward. Follow the steps that are given below:

Step 1: Measurement of your desire height

First of all measure the distance between the seat of your chair and the floor. Note down the measurement.

Your chair height should equal the middle of your knee joint. Measure the distance of your knee and floor. Note the measurement.

Find the gap between the two measurements. This is your additional height that needs to be raised. Our measurement is completed.

Step 2: Detach the base of the chair

The base is attached to the chair either with retaining clips or with a screw. The screws of chairs that attach them with the bottom depend upon the models and brands. Most of them have a general type of mounting screws, though.

You can open them easily with the help of an Allen wrench or screwdriver. Remove these clips or unscrew these nuts and bolts with a screwdriver. To not destroy the cushioning of your seat, you can use a cloth or old towel to protect it.

Step 3: Pull the piston out

After separating the base from the chair you can put the piston out from the cylinder.

Step 4: Cutting the pipe

As we mentioned above, the PVC pipe must be wider than the cylinder.

Now, it’s time to cut the pipe according to the previous measurement. But the pipe’s height should be less or equal to the height of the piston. Cut the pipe according to that measurement.

Step 5: Insert the pipe onto the piston of the cylinder

Now insert the pipe inside the piston. It should now raise the chair height and hold the chair in place and also prevent it from sliding down.

Step 6: Re-connection

Connect the piston with the cylinder. Then also, connect the base with the cylinder, and you are done.

Check your chair for a couple of hours. In most cases, it works well. If you find any issue with the PVC pipe then use the iron pipe. You can easily find it at a nearby hardware store.

Replace a longer gas cylinder:

If you want to spend some money, you can apply this method. The major problem of a pneumatic chair is that the gas cylinder gets damaged as a result of prolonged use. Replacing a large gas cylinder not only just increases the height of your chair, but also the lever of your chair might be fixed.

The lever could not work because of the problem with the gas cylinder. Before buying a new cylinder, measure the height of how much you want to rise off your office chair.

There are various types of cylinders available in online or offline stores. You will also find your preferred size where you will feel comfortable.

From the previous discussion, you should know how to pull the cylinder out from the chair and reconnect it. Then take out the cylinder and install the new one.

Replace a larger base : 

You can also increase the height of your chair by using a larger base than before.

Chair bases of different sizes are available in the online or offline store. Buy a chair base that fits your chair and also larger than the previous one. To replace it, turn the base upside down or tilt the chair.

You will see a holding clip in the center of the base. Rotate this clip using a screwdriver. Then your base will become loose. Now replace the base with the new and reverse these steps to connect.

Replace a larger caster:

You can easily replace the caster of your office chair by hand. It is pretty simple to do.

Wheels can be bought online or offline at an affordable price then fitted in a short time giving you a few inches of height on your office chair. Try to buy wheels which have rubbers so that they can not damage your floor.

Height extension kit: 

A height extension kit might be another solution for you to adjust office chair height without a lever. You can add a reasonable height using a height extension kit.

It is easy to install and does not cost much. You can install a height extension kit using a screwdriver, wrench, and rubber mullet. Most of the time comes with a foot ring that will provide you extra comfort.

Back height adjustment : 

Most modern chairs allow you to the backward and forward movement of the seat to get a comfortable sitting position. It also depends on which model of chair you are using. By changing your seat position, you can gain some additional height for your chair.

To raise the backrest, simply grasp the back from either top, bottom, or sides and lift upward slowly. To lower the backrest, simply raise the back to maximum height and allow the backrest to fall to its lowest position.

You can also change the angle of the backrest by rotating your seat. There should be a knob lock located on the back of your chair to allow you to adjust the angle of the backrest of your chair.

Therefore, consider an option that works best for you.

Non-adjustable chair

1.Use cushion:

Adding a cushion not just gives you an extra height for your chair, but also gives you more comfort. Buy a seat cushion that has a high density of foam. Also, check the elasticity of your cushion. Your cushion should not be too soft nor too hard. So that the cushion both boosts height and relieves back pain.

2. Chair Raiser:

You can use a chair raiser for non-adjustable or a fixed chair. Chair raisers are available in different types and sizes. Buy a chair raiser according to the base of your chair.

Your chair and your base should be easily adjustable. This is not so expensive, you can get by at a very low price. Although it’s not a professional way to raise a chair’s height, it’s still an option you can consider.

Why do we need to increase the height of your chair?

Most of us have to work long hours sitting on a chair in the office. If the chair is shorter than the desk height or the person’s height isn’t matching with the chair, then you might need to raise the height of the chair to bring you in a comfortable position.

In addition, it can also be the reason for your back pain, neck, and spine pain. So it’s better to settle down the height rather than getting neck, back pain, or spine pain along with bad posture. Because you might spend most of your time in the office, sitting on that chair.


Setting in a comfortable position is not only just to save your back in the long run but also will increase the efficiency of your work. That’s why if you have any difficulty sitting comfortably in a chair, the problem should resolve quickly.

We have tried to guide you in every possible way to adjust the height of your chair without a lever. Hopefully, now you can solve your problem.