How to fix an office chair that leans back

How to fix an office chair that leans back

The most common office chair problem is the back of the chair leaning backward. It usually happens because of a broken spring or other faulty mechanisms in the seat’s tilt mechanism. It can also happen if you put too much pressure on one side of your body and lean to compensate for it, which causes that side to be heavier than the other side. You may not notice this until you sit at your desk for long periods and how to fix an office chair that leans back and feel pain in your lower back, neck, or shoulders. 

Luckily there are things you can do to fix this! Today we will look at all the possibilities. So let’s begin! 

Step by step guide:

How to fix an office chair that leans back? 

If you are a business owner and your office chair leans back when sitting in it, we have complete guidelines for you. We will give you step-by-step instructions on fixing an office chair that does not have the proper spring tension. This guide should be helpful whether your chair’s learning problem is new or old. 

How to fix an office chair that leans back

Three main reasons for the problem: 

Most office chairs have a problem with the spring tension, and it is usually because of three reasons: 

1. The manufacturer set the wrong initial pressure on the springs. 

2. The chair you did not assemble correctly at first-time installation or during later maintenance. 

3. Lack of weight when sitting in your chair can cause this issue to occur over time as well. 

Method to fix an office chair

Loose all tight screws: 

Start with loosening up any tight screws before we do anything else! You don’t want them too loose, but they need to be able to turn without difficulty!

Remove all bolts and nuts: 

Next, remove all bolts and nuts from the chair, including those on the base. The less tension there is in these bolts and screws, the easier it will be to get a stable assembly when we’re done! 

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Take off all fabric: 

Now take off any fabric or upholstery that might have been installed at installation time. It would include armrests if they were included because going without them makes for a more straightforward fix with more stability as well! 

You’ll want to make sure your springs don’t come out too quickly but also not so rigid that they break before taking them out either! There’s no need for force, so go slow and steady throughout this process with how to fix an office chair that leans forward. It’s important to know which side goes where while removing them (the top part should always go on the top side) 

Place new springs: 

Now you can take your new springs for this chair and place them in one by one. If there are any nuts or bolts that secure things like armrests, please put those back into their proper places as well! To get a nice and how to fix an office chair that leans back tight assembly, we will need to tighten each screw just enough to undo over time. Make sure not to overtighten anything, though, because if they’re too tight, the whole system will be unstable again. 

For chairs on wheels: 

This process is also worth mentioning with regards to chairs on wheels. These should always have an even tension throughout all of the screws and bolts, no matter what type of base it has. The less stress you have on the screws, the more likely your chair will go out of alignment over time. 

The process for tightening up a “leaning back” office chair is almost identical to fixing an office chair with loose springs- replace those old ones and tighten them by hand! The difference between these two types of seats is in the placement of their coils–the leaning chairs’ coil nears the top side (back) while loose seats’ coils come from underneath or below. For this reason, we need to fix an office chair like this one before tackling any others because if you try to loosen something after doing everything else, then there’s no guarantee that it’ll work at all. 

Still an issue? 

If you’ve gone through and fixed all the other types of chairs, and you’re still left with a chair that leans back, it’s likely because your springs are either very old or missing. You’ll need to purchase new coil-springs for this type of office chair as well as an appropriately sized Allen wrench. Do you want to know how to fix an office chair that leans forward?

The process starts by removing the screw from the top side (back) near where the coils meet to access them more easily. Then take out any screws on both sides of the seat at the front edge so that they can be taken off without being locked into place when we attach our new springs later on. Next, unscrew one post bolt near each end/corner of your desk until it is loose enough to remove while keeping track of which post bolt came from because we won’t be returning them to the same hole. 

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How to fix an office chair that leans forward


Q. How do I stop my office chair from leaning back? 

A. Here are some simple steps to follow. 

1. Check the seat height and adjust it to the correct height. 

2. Make sure you are sitting on the chair properly – not too far back or too close 3. Tighten all screws around the base of your office chair.

4. If none of these tips work, then contact a professional for help with how to fix an office chair that leans back.

5. Be careful when moving an office chair that has wheels because it might lean back if you move it incorrectly. 

6. Avoid leaning back while in an office chair by using a footrest or armrests to support yourself instead. 

7) Keep chairs away from windows, so they don’t get sunlight shining through them onto the floor, making them hot. 

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Q. How do you fix a tilted desk chair? 

a. A tilted chair you can fix by taking the wheels off and loosening the screw holding them on. Then, put it back together and tighten the screws again. If stress is an issue, then I would recommend talking to your chair manufacturer. Take them a photo of the tilted desk chair so they can see what you’re dealing with! 

Q. How do I loosen the tension on my office chair? 

A. If you feel that your chair is too tight, there are a few things that you can do. First of all, make sure the chair’s back is not pushed against a wall or corner to prevent it from moving backward when someone stands up. There are some other ways to loosen the tension on your office chair. Here’s one way: put a tennis ball in a sock and then stick it under one of the legs near the wheel. You can also fix a tight office chair by using a pin to release the tension on the spring. 


Office chairs are often a pain to deal with. It’s not hard for them to break or wear out, and when they do, it can be challenging to fix the problem without buying an entirely new chair. Luckily there is hope! 

Our team of experts has compiled a list of tips and tricks about how to fix an office chair that leans back. If you’re experiencing the same problems, follow these steps for fixing them yourself! 

If you need more help than this article offers, though, feel free to contact us at any time.

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